Ep 016 - Growing Your Business Using Content Marketing with Cam McLellan, Open Wealth Creation


Cam McLellan (pictured below) is a Melbourne-based entrepreneur who has embraced social media and content marketing – and it’s paying huge dividends for his business, Open Wealth Creation (OWC).

In this interview Cam chats about why the decision to give away all of his knowledge (and that of his team) – making it freely available on the web – has been a key determinant in the success of OWC’s content marketing efforts to date.

He also outlines how the company’s blog is “driving a huge amount of traffic” to the corporate website and discusses why he loves Twitter and how important it is from a relationship-building perspective.

 <<< Cam McLellan, Founder and CEO, Open Wealth Creation


Ep 015 - Content Marketing in Australia with the PR Warrior, Trevor Young


For years now Trevor Young (aka The PR Warrior) has kept tabs on what's been happening overseas in terms of social media and content marketing, collecting examples and case studies of individuals and companies that are leading the way in the space.

Now it's Australia's turn!

Content marketing in Australia has been picking up pace for a couple of years now. Google tells us the search trend for the term 'content marketing' is on the up, while according to one research report, spending on content marketing in Australia is set to increase by 61 per cent, with 12 per cent of respondents saying they will be 'significantly increasing' their budget this year.

Obviously this augurs well for the nascent content marketing 'industry' in Australia.

In this episode Trevor discusses 11 excellent examples of content marketing from Australian brands - they include major blue-chip brands such as Telstra and Commonwealth Bank, fast-growing medium-sized enterprises such as Lorna Jane and Intrepid Travel, plus smaller companies including Open Wealth Creation and TrinityP3.



Ep 014 - The Power of the Spoken Word with BureauXP’s Steve Speziale


A new smartphone app-based service has just come on to the Australian market that will be of great interest to PR people generally, corporate communications practitioners specifically, as well as anyone involved in the content creation space.

Called BureauXP, it's the brainchild of two of Australia's most experienced radio people - Steve Speziale and Andy Grace.

In essence, BureauXP enables you to record high quality digital audio (and video) on your iPhone - and then send the file on-the-spot either to BureauXP's customised media lists, or any other database you've had set up e.g. employees, influencers other than the media such as analysts, etc.

In this interview with the PR Warrior Trevor Young, Steve explains what BureauXP does and why it is relevant to the PR and communications industry, including discussing several scenarios where it might work most effectively. 

Trevor Young (left) interviews Steve Speziale, co-founder of Bureau XP.


Ep 013 - The New Rules of Marketing & PR with Best-Selling Author, David Meerman Scott


Author and professional speaker, David Meerman Scott, first published his seminal book 'The New Rules of Marketing & PR' back in 2007.

What hasn't changed in the past six or so years, David says, are the basic strategies of marketing in an ever-evolving hyper-connected world. What has changed are the tools that we use to publish our content on the web and engage with our audience.

In the years prior to launch when David was writing the book, Twitter wasn't up and running, Facebook was only for college students, while MySpace had four times the number of users as Facebook did back then, and "we had this weird thing called Second Life", David says in the interview.

Fast forward to the latest edition (the fourth) of the book and it has coverage of Twitter and Facebook naturally, but also the likes of Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

Best-selling author, David Meerman Scott


Ep 012 - How to Use Blogging and Social Media to Grow Your Brand w/ Carolyn Hyams, Firebrand Talent


In this episode I catch up with Carolyn Hyams from recruitment agency Firebrand Talent, a company that is doing brilliantly in terms of its strategic and judicious use of blogging and social media to grow its business and build its reputation in the marketplace. 

Firebrand specialises in permanent recruitment across digital, marketing and creative. When it launched in October 2010, Firebrand was unknown and had no marketing budget to speak of. 

Two and a half years later the company has made an impact in the digital/marketing/creative recruitment space - so much so that late last year the company won "Best Boutique Agency" and "Best Brand" at the Recruitment Excellence Awards. 

Learn from the best! Firebrand Talent is a 'Connected Brand', a company that knows how to 'join the dots' of social media and content marketing, and it's paying off for them in a big way!

PICTURED: Carolyn Hyams

Ep 011 - Social Media and the Law with Jamie White, Pod Legal


The law can be quite murky at the best of times - sometimes black and white but often grey - and no more so than in and around social media, an area that continues to grow at a rapid rate, zig-zagging across geographic boundaries and thus legal jurisdictions. 

In this interview, I chat with Jamie White, the founder and director of the Australian boutique law firm Pod Legal about this very topic, with emphasis on copyright and what bloggers, brand owners and content marketers need to be aware of when it comes to the law. 

Specifically, we look at the use of other people's photos and videos on your blog or website, as well as the emerging area of content curation.Jamie is a specialist in the area of social media and technology law, and is often asked by Australia's leading media outlets to comment on cases and issues pertaining to copyright and trade mark infringement on the web.You can follow Jamie on Twitter @podlegal.

PICTURED: Jamie White, Pod Legal

Ep 010 - The State of Content Marketing in Australia with Jodie Sangster, ADMA


In this episode of THE CONNECTED BRAND podcast, I chat with Jodie Sangster, the CEO of Sydney-based Association of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA)

In the run-up to the recent Content Marketing World Australia event, ADMA - in partnership with event organiser the Content Marketing Institute - released a research report entitled: 'Content Marketing in Australia: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends'.(I wrote about the report here:  Content Marketing in Australia Set to Boom).  

Post Content Marketing World, ADMA joined forces with the Edge content agency to convene a roundtable to 'pressure test' the survey results and enhance the research findings. 

A whitepaper ('The State of Content Marketing') was produced with a view to sharing the key outcomes from the roundtable discussion.In this interview, I chat with Jodie about the findings of the original research as well as the outcomes of the subsequent roundtable session with senior Australian content marketers.

PICTURED: Jodie Sangster, CEO of ADMA


Ep. 009 - The 7 Different Types of Social Media Consultant with Adam Vincenzini


I recently caught up with PR and social media gun and all-round good guy Adam Vincinzinito discuss an article he posted on his popular blog AdamVincenzini.com.The post - titled The 7 Different Types of Social Media Consultant - looked at the varying skill sets  social media specialists possess today.Adam wrote the post because he was attending meetings where the topic kept cropping up.I cornered Adam via Skype while he was on holidays on the Gold Coast for a chat about this super-meaty subject - we discuss each of the seven different types of social media specialist  - I apologise that it's a bit longer than my usual podcast interviews because the topic is so expansive, I was keen to delve in a bit deeper. If you're interested in the social media space, I think it will be worth your time!adamvinc.jpgMORE: Video interview on PR Warrior Blog


Ep 008 - Behind-the-Scenes of a Blogger Outreach Program with Kim Abbate #BrightDelight


Late last year I was lucky enough to be asked to join 10 other bloggers on a sojourn to Bright, a picturesque hamlet nestled amongst mountains in regional Victoria.In the PR biz, this activity is known as 'blogger outreach' - done properly, it's the art of building relationships with bloggers for mutual benefit.

Bloggers tend to seek the 'experience' versus the 'news', which brings us to this interview with Bright resident Kim Abbate, who runs a web design and social media business in addition to writing two blogs - 365 Things To Do In Bright and Working Women Australia.

Kim came up with the idea of the Bright blogger outreach program, which was given the title of 'BrightDelight' (later morphing into the Twitter hashtag #brightdelight).


The goal was to bring 11 bloggers to Bright and get them to experience what the township (and immediate area) had to offer - the wineries, restaurants, attractions (such as Patrizia Simone's Country Cooking School) and views (via helicopter).

In this interview Kim takes us behind-the-scenes of the #brightdelight blogger outreach program - why and how she came up with the idea; how she got it off the ground; what worked (and lessons learned) plus highlights of the program.Kim reveals she was hoping the initiative would garner 100,000-200,000 potential impressions on Twitter, but that according to a report from TweetReach, this figure reached as high as 1.2 million.

MORE: Video interview on PR Warrior Blog


Ep 007 - Getting your content discovered online with Ayal Steiner, Outbrain


In this interview I chat with Ayal Steiner, the head of New York-based Outbrain's newly-formed Australian operation. Outbrain aims to help bloggers and brands to grow their audiences by distributing their content on other online publishers' sites. For example in Australia, these sites include news.com.au and Fairfax sites, including The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.Outbrain describes itself as a 'content discovery platform'; it uses algorithms to recommend  to readers interesting articles, blog posts, photos or videos.According to Outbrain, the company's platform is installed on over 90,000 blogs and websites worldwide and serves 50 billion content recommendations per month.Hope you enjoy the interview (apologies, at times I sound like I'm in an underground pipe - I can assure you I wasn't).0515b44d20aa10624ad6ac2b2db42336.jpegPICTURED: Ayal Steiner, OutbrainMORE: Video interview on PR Warrior Blog


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