Ep 014 - The Power of the Spoken Word with BureauXP’s Steve Speziale


A new smartphone app-based service has just come on to the Australian market that will be of great interest to PR people generally, corporate communications practitioners specifically, as well as anyone involved in the content creation space.

Called BureauXP, it's the brainchild of two of Australia's most experienced radio people - Steve Speziale and Andy Grace.

In essence, BureauXP enables you to record high quality digital audio (and video) on your iPhone - and then send the file on-the-spot either to BureauXP's customised media lists, or any other database you've had set up e.g. employees, influencers other than the media such as analysts, etc.

In this interview with the PR Warrior Trevor Young, Steve explains what BureauXP does and why it is relevant to the PR and communications industry, including discussing several scenarios where it might work most effectively. 

Trevor Young (left) interviews Steve Speziale, co-founder of Bureau XP.