Ep 012 - How to Use Blogging and Social Media to Grow Your Brand w/ Carolyn Hyams, Firebrand Talent


In this episode I catch up with Carolyn Hyams from recruitment agency Firebrand Talent, a company that is doing brilliantly in terms of its strategic and judicious use of blogging and social media to grow its business and build its reputation in the marketplace. 

Firebrand specialises in permanent recruitment across digital, marketing and creative. When it launched in October 2010, Firebrand was unknown and had no marketing budget to speak of. 

Two and a half years later the company has made an impact in the digital/marketing/creative recruitment space - so much so that late last year the company won "Best Boutique Agency" and "Best Brand" at the Recruitment Excellence Awards. 

Learn from the best! Firebrand Talent is a 'Connected Brand', a company that knows how to 'join the dots' of social media and content marketing, and it's paying off for them in a big way!

PICTURED: Carolyn Hyams