Ep 011 - Social Media and the Law with Jamie White, Pod Legal


The law can be quite murky at the best of times - sometimes black and white but often grey - and no more so than in and around social media, an area that continues to grow at a rapid rate, zig-zagging across geographic boundaries and thus legal jurisdictions. 

In this interview, I chat with Jamie White, the founder and director of the Australian boutique law firm Pod Legal about this very topic, with emphasis on copyright and what bloggers, brand owners and content marketers need to be aware of when it comes to the law. 

Specifically, we look at the use of other people's photos and videos on your blog or website, as well as the emerging area of content curation.Jamie is a specialist in the area of social media and technology law, and is often asked by Australia's leading media outlets to comment on cases and issues pertaining to copyright and trade mark infringement on the web.You can follow Jamie on Twitter @podlegal.

PICTURED: Jamie White, Pod Legal