Ep 006 - Online Media Monitoring Trends with Warren Weeks, Cubit Research


In this interview with Warren Weeks, the founder and CEO of Cubit Media Research, we chat about what's happening in the world of online media monitoring and analytics.It's an area that's becoming increasingly complex as the media landscape continues to fragment and the social web flexes its influential muscles.Cubit Media Research is setting the pace in global media monitoring and analytics; the company  uses a combination of cutting-edge technology along with with an overlay of 'human touch' in the analytical services it provides clients.3e71520-1.jpg PICTURED: Warren Weeks, Cubit Media ResearchMORE: Video interview on PR Warrior blogWarren speaks candidly about a process that people in  PR and communications  need to understand, and takes us a step beyond and explains what's possible these days (the answer might surprise you) whether you're monitoring the traditional media space or just social media - or more likely these days, both (the question is are you combining your results and analytics across all forms of media?).We dig down a bit into the topic, so sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy!