Ep 004 - Content Marketing with Valerie Khoo, Sydney Writers’ Centre


In this interview I chat with entrepreneur Valerie Khoo, founder of the Sydney Writer's Centre and an accomplished journalist/blogger/author in her own right.

It was a real privilege to finally catch up for a chat with Valerie. In my opinion she is one of the true leaders in the content marketing space in Australia, and has been for some time.

I often use the Sydney Writers' Centre as a case study in presentations on public relations, social media and content marketing.

vk_avatar2012.jpg (left) Valerie Khoo, Sydney Writers' Centre

Why? Because they're doing it better than almost anyone else in Australia and as a result are seeing real benefits in terms of building a growing community of fans of the brand along with increased business revenues in the form of new enrolments.

Valerie chats openly about the Sydney Writers' Centre's philosophy when it comes to marketing, how passion is a driving force for many of the brand's content marketing efforts, and how the centre uses blogging, podcasting and social media to engage with past, current and potential customers.