Ep 003 - Social Media Marketing with Startup Entrepreneur, Scott Kilmartin


In this interview I chat with Scott Kilmartin, founder and ringmaster of Haul, an independent design brand based in Melbourne's northern suburbs.

Scott shares his marketing philosophy, the importance of humanising your brand and the innovative use of social media, including LinkedIn, to generate word-of-mouth buzz for - and media interest in - the Haul range of products.We also learn the integral role Scott's pet boxer dog Gus plays not only in bringing the Haul story to life but also in piquing the interest of would-be customers of the brand.

Image-1.png (left) Scott Kilmartin, Haul.com.au

In part one of the interview, Scott takes us on a journey of Haul and how the back-story is integral to his overall marketing efforts; he also outlines his approach to Twitter and how Gus the Boxer came to be the focal point for the brand.

"Social media has been a boon for our business"

In part two Scott gets more into the nitty-gritty of his use of social media and why humour and authenticity are important pillars of the Haul brand; he provides several examples of opportunistic PR efforts along the lines of author David Meerman Scott's 'Newsjacking' concept ...

... and we get to meet the real driving force behind Haul, Gus the Boxer!