Ep 001 - B2B Content Marketing with Darren Woolley, TrinityP3


In this podcast interview Trevor Young chats with Darren Woolley, the founder and managing director of independent strategic marketing management consultancy, TrinityP3.

Darren talks about his content marketing strategy and how he uses blogging, online video, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to build credibility and drive awareness of his brand on a global scale. In the early days of TrinityP3, Darren's focus was mainly on trade media relations and B2B database marketing; he also used to actively pursue speaking opportunities as a means of generating interest in his concepts and ideas.

bio-darren-woolley.jpg (left) Darren Woolley, TrinityP3

Deliberate Strategy

Today, while TrinityP3 still maintains a growing database and regularly appears in the trade press, most of Darren's focus is on the creation and distribution of content relevant to the marketing and advertising industry.

It's a "deliberate strategy", he says of TrinityP3's foray into content marketing.

Rather than having to start from scratch in terms of brand awareness when expanding into a new market, TrinityP3 now has a presence in overseas many markets thanks to his online efforts.

Darren chats openly about the "three levels of ROI" he has established for TrinityP3's content marketing efforts.

We also dig a bit deeper into the tactical side of Darren's content marketing program, and how he leverages tools such as LinkedIn, Bufferapp, Twitter, Slideshare, YouTube as well as a company blog, which is responsible for the bulk of traffic to the TrinityP3 website.