Understanding the power of owned, earned and social media with Carolyn Hyams, Firebrand Talent


This is the story of a startup Australian recruitment company - Firebrand Talent - and how it built its brand and its business using a combination of social media communications, content marketing and influencer relations, or if you prefer: Owned, earned and social media.

In this interview with Trevor Young from PR Warrior, the Australian Digital Marketing Director for Firebrand Talent, Carolyn Hyams, takes us ‘behind the velvet rope’ of the company's marketing strategy and breaks down in detail how the business approaches content marketing, social media and influencer relations to build brand visibility, influence and trust in the marketplace.

This episode will appeal to anyone in business keen to know more about how publishing content and using social media to build a ‘village of support’ for your brand can pay business dividends over the long term.

Show notes from this interview can he found here.