How used owned, earned and social media to build its brand from the ground up


Josh Rowe is CEO of, a free website and app that helps homebuyers and investors find their next property. is still a relatively new business but what Josh and his team have been able to do in a very short space of time is leverage the power of social media, content marketing and strategic media relations to build visibility in the marketplace, to connect with consumers and position themselves as a prominent voice in real estate circles.

In this episode of the PR Warrior Podcast, Josh takes us behind the scenes of how approaches its content marketing, how it uses social media and the importance of having a company CEO -in this case, Josh – out, loud and proud on social media.



EP 23 Talking content marketing and brand journalism with Rakhal Ebeli,


Rakhal Ebeli is the founder and CEO of, an online service that helps publishers, agencies and brands connect with audiences through quality storytelling, crafted by experienced journalists from around the world.

In this interview with the PR Warrior Trevor Young, Rakhal chats about brand journalism and the role it plays in the broader realm of content marketing.

He discusses the trend of brands creating long-form content, and how Newsmodo has positioned itself as a go-to resource for freelance journalists and news photographers/videographers available to create content for companies and organisations as well as traditional newsrooms operating with slimmed-down news gathering personnel.
DISCLOSURE: At time of recording, Trevor was an advisor to

Ep 007 - Getting your content discovered online with Ayal Steiner, Outbrain


In this interview I chat with Ayal Steiner, the head of New York-based Outbrain's newly-formed Australian operation. Outbrain aims to help bloggers and brands to grow their audiences by distributing their content on other online publishers' sites. For example in Australia, these sites include and Fairfax sites, including The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.Outbrain describes itself as a 'content discovery platform'; it uses algorithms to recommend  to readers interesting articles, blog posts, photos or videos.According to Outbrain, the company's platform is installed on over 90,000 blogs and websites worldwide and serves 50 billion content recommendations per month.Hope you enjoy the interview (apologies, at times I sound like I'm in an underground pipe - I can assure you I wasn't).0515b44d20aa10624ad6ac2b2db42336.jpegPICTURED: Ayal Steiner, OutbrainMORE: Video interview on PR Warrior Blog


Ep 006 - Online Media Monitoring Trends with Warren Weeks, Cubit Research


In this interview with Warren Weeks, the founder and CEO of Cubit Media Research, we chat about what's happening in the world of online media monitoring and analytics.It's an area that's becoming increasingly complex as the media landscape continues to fragment and the social web flexes its influential muscles.Cubit Media Research is setting the pace in global media monitoring and analytics; the company  uses a combination of cutting-edge technology along with with an overlay of 'human touch' in the analytical services it provides clients.3e71520-1.jpg PICTURED: Warren Weeks, Cubit Media ResearchMORE: Video interview on PR Warrior blog Keep reading →


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