EP 19 - Using Twitter to build relationships that benefit business, with Steve Vallas, The Honey Bar


Steve Vallas is the social media-savvy owner of the popular Honey Bar & Restaurant in the inner Melbourne suburb of South Melbourne.

In this interview with Trevor Young, Steve chats about using Twitter to build relationships with people as well as a sense of community around the Honey Bar brand. And while that works for him personally, it’s also a highly effective strategy in growing the Honey business.

He says how participating on the social web has underpinned the business “in a way that I wouldn’t have expected when we opened the front doors”.

“It’s allowed me to build a really strong base…allowed me to build a community around the business, that’s constantly talking about the business … constantly bringing in business,” Steve says.



Ep 005 - Building a Passionate Community Around Your Brand with PJ Hamel, King Arthur Flour


US brand King Arthur Flour is really nailing both social media and its online kindred spirit ‘content marketing’.In this interview, I chat with PJ Hamel, who is part of the company's web team and involved in a lot of its content creation and online community activity.  PJ has been with the Vermont-based company for 22 years. She sheds light on the approach King Arthur Flour takes when it comes to social media and content marketing, and provides advice to companies wanting to go down a similar path.TY-PJH-KAF.jpg Keep reading →


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