A behind-the-scenes look at TrinityP3’s social media and content marketing machine with CEO and founder, Darren Woolley


Australian-based marketing management consulting firm TrinityP3 has built a global footprint off the back of a consistent social media and content marketing effort, with a hefty dash of 'earned media' thrown in for good measure.

In this episode of the PR Warrior Podcast, TrinityP3 founder Darren Woolley takes us behind the scenes of how he approaches the content publishing process, which mediums he uses and how social media fits into the marketing equation.

It's a great case study of persistence. Darren had been blogging since the mid-2000s but five years ago became a lot more strategic in his content marketing and his efforts have paid off big time. In 2007, the TrinityP3 website was attracting just over 3000 unique visitors per year in what is a very niche B2B field; in 2016, this figure hit 200,000 - a jump of some 7000 per cent in traffic! 

Meanwhile, the business continues to power along. Today, TrinityP3 has over 30 consultants around the world and offices in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, London; at time of recording, Darren was in the final stages of negotiating a joint venture in the US.

This episode will be of particular interest to leaders of professional services firms who want to better understand how blogging and social media can help drive global exposure and growth for their business over time.


Darren Woolley, Founder and CEO, TrinityP3


Understanding the power of owned, earned and social media with Carolyn Hyams, Firebrand Talent


This is the story of a startup Australian recruitment company - Firebrand Talent - and how it built its brand and its business using a combination of social media communications, content marketing and influencer relations, or if you prefer: Owned, earned and social media.

In this interview with Trevor Young from PR Warrior, the Australian Digital Marketing Director for Firebrand Talent, Carolyn Hyams, takes us ‘behind the velvet rope’ of the company's marketing strategy and breaks down in detail how the business approaches content marketing, social media and influencer relations to build brand visibility, influence and trust in the marketplace.

This episode will appeal to anyone in business keen to know more about how publishing content and using social media to build a ‘village of support’ for your brand can pay business dividends over the long term.

Show notes from this interview can he found here.


How RealAs.com used owned, earned and social media to build its brand from the ground up


Josh Rowe is CEO of RealAs.com, a free website and app that helps homebuyers and investors find their next property.

RealAs.com is still a relatively new business but what Josh and his team have been able to do in a very short space of time is leverage the power of social media, content marketing and strategic media relations to build visibility in the marketplace, to connect with consumers and position themselves as a prominent voice in real estate circles.

In this episode of the PR Warrior Podcast, Josh takes us behind the scenes of how RealAs.com approaches its content marketing, how it uses social media and the importance of having a company CEO -in this case, Josh – out, loud and proud on social media.



EP 23 Talking content marketing and brand journalism with Rakhal Ebeli, Newsmodo.com


Rakhal Ebeli is the founder and CEO of Newsmodo.com, an online service that helps publishers, agencies and brands connect with audiences through quality storytelling, crafted by experienced journalists from around the world.

In this interview with the PR Warrior Trevor Young, Rakhal chats about brand journalism and the role it plays in the broader realm of content marketing.

He discusses the trend of brands creating long-form content, and how Newsmodo has positioned itself as a go-to resource for freelance journalists and news photographers/videographers available to create content for companies and organisations as well as traditional newsrooms operating with slimmed-down news gathering personnel.
DISCLOSURE: At time of recording, Trevor was an advisor to Newsmodo.com.

EP 22 - Joe Pulizzi discusses the state of content marketing in Australia


Sixty-three per cent of Australian marketers plan to increase their content marketing budget during the next 12 months, according to the 3rd annual Content Marketing in Australia: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI).

However, marketers are still ‘learning the ropes’ when it comes to content marketing, with just under a third of respondents claiming their content efforts are effective.

In this interview with Joe Pulizzi (pictured), founder of Content Marketing Institute, he extrapolates on the findings of the report, and what they mean for the Australian content marketing industry.


EP 21 - The power of blogging for business with Mark Masters, The ID Group UK


Mark Masters is the founder of UK-based  The ID Group, a marketing and design agency that positions companies as the authority within the sectors and communities they serve. Mark is a prolific blogger and an emerging voice in the world of content marketing.

His ‘Talking Content’ series of interviews with content marketing leaders from around the world represents a goldmine of useful information on the topic.

In this interview for The Connected Brand podcast, Mark chats about the power of telling stories and building an audience for your brand; he explains candidly the journey of The ID Group and how blogging played a key role in the company’s resurgence after it dipped during the Global Financial Crisis.



EP 20 - Creating Web Marketing That Works, with Adam Franklin, Bluewire Media


Adam Franklin (pictured below, right) is the co-founder of Bluewire Media and author, along with business partner Toby Jenkins, of the new book by Wiley Publishing - WEB MARKETING THAT WORKS.

In this video interview, Adam explains: 

  • the power of giving away your IP (and how he and Toby give away 90-95% of what they know in terms of web marketing);
  • the importance of developing buyer personas and writing a blog to showcase your knowledge and ideas;
  • why a valuable piece of signature content can be an effective in building a email subscriber list for your business (for example, Bluewire uses a web strategy planning template that has been downloaded over 10,000 times)

Adam also chats about why you should consider writing for other people's blogs perhaps more so than on your own blog; he also provides a simple explanation of how he sees SEO and the role it plays in web marketing today.



EP 018 - Creating Content With Passion with Brian Goulet, The Goulet Pen Company


Virginia based pen, paper and ink business - The Goulet Pen Company - is using social media and content marketing to tremendous effect.

In this episode of 'The Connected Brand' podcast, company founder Brian Goulet takes us through his approach to content marketing; how he got started with social media and why it is so critically important to the success of his business.



Ep 017 - Trevor Young and Adam Vincenzini Riff on the State of Social Media and Content Marketing in Australia


Every now and then I enjoy getting together with Melbourne-based blogger Adam Vincenzini, the founder of agency Kamber, to chat all things social media and content marketing. 

Adam is one of the brightest minds in this space. Prior to launching Kamber he held senior agency and in-house PR roles in both the UK and Australia, including  Mango Australia and Paratus Communications.

In this episode of The Connected Brand podcast, Adam and I take a sweep across the new media landscape, riffing on all manner of topics associated with PR and communications, with a skew towards social media and content marketing. What happened in 2013 and where are things going in 2014 and beyond?


Ep 016 - Growing Your Business Using Content Marketing with Cam McLellan, Open Wealth Creation


Cam McLellan (pictured below) is a Melbourne-based entrepreneur who has embraced social media and content marketing – and it’s paying huge dividends for his business, Open Wealth Creation (OWC).

In this interview Cam chats about why the decision to give away all of his knowledge (and that of his team) – making it freely available on the web – has been a key determinant in the success of OWC’s content marketing efforts to date.

He also outlines how the company’s blog is “driving a huge amount of traffic” to the corporate website and discusses why he loves Twitter and how important it is from a relationship-building perspective.

 <<< Cam McLellan, Founder and CEO, Open Wealth Creation


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