How used owned, earned and social media to build its brand from the ground up


Josh Rowe is CEO of, a free website and app that helps homebuyers and investors find their next property. is still a relatively new business but what Josh and his team have been able to do in a very short space of time is leverage the power of social media, content marketing and strategic media relations to build visibility in the marketplace, to connect with consumers and position themselves as a prominent voice in real estate circles.

In this episode of the PR Warrior Podcast, Josh takes us behind the scenes of how approaches its content marketing, how it uses social media and the importance of having a company CEO -in this case, Josh – out, loud and proud on social media.



EP 21 - The power of blogging for business with Mark Masters, The ID Group UK


Mark Masters is the founder of UK-based  The ID Group, a marketing and design agency that positions companies as the authority within the sectors and communities they serve. Mark is a prolific blogger and an emerging voice in the world of content marketing.

His ‘Talking Content’ series of interviews with content marketing leaders from around the world represents a goldmine of useful information on the topic.

In this interview for The Connected Brand podcast, Mark chats about the power of telling stories and building an audience for your brand; he explains candidly the journey of The ID Group and how blogging played a key role in the company’s resurgence after it dipped during the Global Financial Crisis.



EP 20 - Creating Web Marketing That Works, with Adam Franklin, Bluewire Media


Adam Franklin (pictured below, right) is the co-founder of Bluewire Media and author, along with business partner Toby Jenkins, of the new book by Wiley Publishing - WEB MARKETING THAT WORKS.

In this video interview, Adam explains: 

  • the power of giving away your IP (and how he and Toby give away 90-95% of what they know in terms of web marketing);
  • the importance of developing buyer personas and writing a blog to showcase your knowledge and ideas;
  • why a valuable piece of signature content can be an effective in building a email subscriber list for your business (for example, Bluewire uses a web strategy planning template that has been downloaded over 10,000 times)

Adam also chats about why you should consider writing for other people's blogs perhaps more so than on your own blog; he also provides a simple explanation of how he sees SEO and the role it plays in web marketing today.



EP 018 - Creating Content With Passion with Brian Goulet, The Goulet Pen Company


Virginia based pen, paper and ink business - The Goulet Pen Company - is using social media and content marketing to tremendous effect.

In this episode of 'The Connected Brand' podcast, company founder Brian Goulet takes us through his approach to content marketing; how he got started with social media and why it is so critically important to the success of his business.



Ep 013 - The New Rules of Marketing & PR with Best-Selling Author, David Meerman Scott


Author and professional speaker, David Meerman Scott, first published his seminal book 'The New Rules of Marketing & PR' back in 2007.

What hasn't changed in the past six or so years, David says, are the basic strategies of marketing in an ever-evolving hyper-connected world. What has changed are the tools that we use to publish our content on the web and engage with our audience.

In the years prior to launch when David was writing the book, Twitter wasn't up and running, Facebook was only for college students, while MySpace had four times the number of users as Facebook did back then, and "we had this weird thing called Second Life", David says in the interview.

Fast forward to the latest edition (the fourth) of the book and it has coverage of Twitter and Facebook naturally, but also the likes of Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

Best-selling author, David Meerman Scott


Ep 008 - Behind-the-Scenes of a Blogger Outreach Program with Kim Abbate #BrightDelight


Late last year I was lucky enough to be asked to join 10 other bloggers on a sojourn to Bright, a picturesque hamlet nestled amongst mountains in regional Victoria.In the PR biz, this activity is known as 'blogger outreach' - done properly, it's the art of building relationships with bloggers for mutual benefit.

Bloggers tend to seek the 'experience' versus the 'news', which brings us to this interview with Bright resident Kim Abbate, who runs a web design and social media business in addition to writing two blogs - 365 Things To Do In Bright and Working Women Australia.

Kim came up with the idea of the Bright blogger outreach program, which was given the title of 'BrightDelight' (later morphing into the Twitter hashtag #brightdelight).


The goal was to bring 11 bloggers to Bright and get them to experience what the township (and immediate area) had to offer - the wineries, restaurants, attractions (such as Patrizia Simone's Country Cooking School) and views (via helicopter).

In this interview Kim takes us behind-the-scenes of the #brightdelight blogger outreach program - why and how she came up with the idea; how she got it off the ground; what worked (and lessons learned) plus highlights of the program.Kim reveals she was hoping the initiative would garner 100,000-200,000 potential impressions on Twitter, but that according to a report from TweetReach, this figure reached as high as 1.2 million.

MORE: Video interview on PR Warrior Blog


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