A behind-the-scenes look at TrinityP3’s social media and content marketing machine with CEO and founder, Darren Woolley


Australian-based marketing management consulting firm TrinityP3 has built a global footprint off the back of a consistent social media and content marketing effort, with a hefty dash of 'earned media' thrown in for good measure.

In this episode of the PR Warrior Podcast, TrinityP3 founder Darren Woolley takes us behind the scenes of how he approaches the content publishing process, which mediums he uses and how social media fits into the marketing equation.

It's a great case study of persistence. Darren had been blogging since the mid-2000s but five years ago became a lot more strategic in his content marketing and his efforts have paid off big time. In 2007, the TrinityP3 website was attracting just over 3000 unique visitors per year in what is a very niche B2B field; in 2016, this figure hit 200,000 - a jump of some 7000 per cent in traffic! 

Meanwhile, the business continues to power along. Today, TrinityP3 has over 30 consultants around the world and offices in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, London; at time of recording, Darren was in the final stages of negotiating a joint venture in the US.

This episode will be of particular interest to leaders of professional services firms who want to better understand how blogging and social media can help drive global exposure and growth for their business over time.


Darren Woolley, Founder and CEO, TrinityP3