Ep 008 - Behind-the-Scenes of a Blogger Outreach Program with Kim Abbate #BrightDelight


Late last year I was lucky enough to be asked to join 10 other bloggers on a sojourn to Bright, a picturesque hamlet nestled amongst mountains in regional Victoria.In the PR biz, this activity is known as 'blogger outreach' - done properly, it's the art of building relationships with bloggers for mutual benefit.

Bloggers tend to seek the 'experience' versus the 'news', which brings us to this interview with Bright resident Kim Abbate, who runs a web design and social media business in addition to writing two blogs - 365 Things To Do In Bright and Working Women Australia.

Kim came up with the idea of the Bright blogger outreach program, which was given the title of 'BrightDelight' (later morphing into the Twitter hashtag #brightdelight).


The goal was to bring 11 bloggers to Bright and get them to experience what the township (and immediate area) had to offer - the wineries, restaurants, attractions (such as Patrizia Simone's Country Cooking School) and views (via helicopter).

In this interview Kim takes us behind-the-scenes of the #brightdelight blogger outreach program - why and how she came up with the idea; how she got it off the ground; what worked (and lessons learned) plus highlights of the program.Kim reveals she was hoping the initiative would garner 100,000-200,000 potential impressions on Twitter, but that according to a report from TweetReach, this figure reached as high as 1.2 million.

MORE: Video interview on PR Warrior Blog


Ep 007 - Getting your content discovered online with Ayal Steiner, Outbrain


In this interview I chat with Ayal Steiner, the head of New York-based Outbrain's newly-formed Australian operation. Outbrain aims to help bloggers and brands to grow their audiences by distributing their content on other online publishers' sites. For example in Australia, these sites include news.com.au and Fairfax sites, including The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.Outbrain describes itself as a 'content discovery platform'; it uses algorithms to recommend  to readers interesting articles, blog posts, photos or videos.According to Outbrain, the company's platform is installed on over 90,000 blogs and websites worldwide and serves 50 billion content recommendations per month.Hope you enjoy the interview (apologies, at times I sound like I'm in an underground pipe - I can assure you I wasn't).0515b44d20aa10624ad6ac2b2db42336.jpegPICTURED: Ayal Steiner, OutbrainMORE: Video interview on PR Warrior Blog